Helping you grow your business and connecting you with renowned investors across the globe

Accounting, Bookkeeping, Finance & Tax

ARCA partners with market-leading cloud-based software firms to optimally manage your needs. We leverage insights into your business to build financial forecasts and plan and implement optimal solutions for you through our partner network.

Corporate Legal
Advisory & Governance

Legal procedures can be daunting and costly if not done correctly from the start. ARCA helps mediate equity splits among founders and designs bespoke agreements to get your company started on the right track. Our agreement structures allow for easy investment flows into your business.

Funding Strategy & Investment Origination

Start-ups and medium-sized companies always have a goal of scaling, and sometimes an investor can play a pivotal role in this regard. ARCA has deep expertise to help position your business to attract investment. We also draw on our funding networks across the US, EU, Singapore and Japan and help you present your business to potential funders.

Business Data Intelligence & Analytics

Using ARCA’s partner tools you will be able to manage your business in an intelligent and time-efficient way. We help build client-facing data and internal performance metrics, allowing you deep insight into your business and its performance. ARCA also helps you build understandable data analytics, ensuring you have a clear view of your business, ultimately empowering your decision-making.

Commercial Contracts Drafting & Negotiation

Building on the experience from Silicon Valley, ARCA drafts and manages bespoke agreements to secure commercial advantages for our clients. Our contracts team have a wealth of experience in commercial law and negotiate favourable terms for clients, while advising clients of any risks.

Operational Excellence & Efficiency

We specialise in creating seamless project management structures which increases you and your team’s efficiency. Our project management partner tools also ensure that you deal with less administrative overhead and human capital costs. You can focus on growing your business while ARCA assists you with building highly effective management, processes and workflows.

At ARCA we help move your business forward while solving the world's greatest challenges

Africa Rising Corporate Advisory brings together expertise across the management consulting spectrum, with a focus on finance, legal, tax & accounting, data intelligence & analytics, corporate sustainability and business growth strategy. Combining our network of venture capital funds and investors in California and across the globe, we help develop, align and forecast your business strategies to accelerate growth and give you peace of mind.

Our experienced team, who have worked in the United States and across Africa, offer our clients insights, continuous expertise and growth strategies all the while ensuring we position you to attract the right investment to help scale your business. We provide our clients with affordable fixed price solutions with the flexibility to upgrade or cancel at any time.

Fixed Price Offering with Built-in Flexiblity

ARCA provides its clients with fixed price solutions with built-in flexibility:

- Monthly fixed price
- Cancel at any time
- Tiered offering to meet your specific needs
- Upgradable packages to accelerate your growth
- Transparent pricing and no hidden fees or costs
- Quarterly quality assurance meetings

A Turnkey Solution for Your Business

Access to unparalleled expertise in establishing and scaling your business:

- Accounting, Bookkeeping, Finance & Tax
- Business Data Intelligence & Analytics
- Corporate Legal Advisory & Governance
- Commercial Contract Negotiation, Drafting & Management
- Funding Strategy & Investment Origination
- Operational Excellence & Efficiency

ARCA - Highlighting Africa's Excellence

At ARCA we focus on Africa's socio-economic development, scaling African founded businesses and unlocking global investment opportunities for our clients

ARCA also underscores corporate sustainability focused on ESG factors and impact investment. We specialise in embedding ESG attributes into our client’s business and attracting impact investment once we have ensured our client is ESG and investor-ready.

''Life shrinks or expands in proportion to one’s courage.''
- Anais Nin, writer & novelist

Key insights to the Venture Capital Market in Africa

Deal Value in South Africa 2020
Deal Value in Kenya 2020
Deal Value in Nigeria 2020
ARCA... with you every step of the way

At ARCA we help your business grow and work with you to source investors who are aligned with your vision

Step One
Determining your business needs. Contact us to set up a discovery call.
Step Two
Working with you, across our areas of expertises, to implement solutions to add value and scale your business.
Step Three
Sourcing venture fund investment from California, Europe, Africa and Asia that aligns with your business goals and your vision.
Careers at ARCA

Be part of leading the African narrative and building the Africa of tomorrow

At ARCA we look for graduates and experienced professionals with a broad and diverse set of expertise. If you enjoy working with high-achieving colleagues who enjoy solving complex problems and working on projects that move Africa forward, then this may be the right place for you!